Santo Patrono del Comune di Contessa Entellina, Maria della Favara e dell'Immacolata, celebrato e Settembre 8th. In Arbreshe, the name reads, Shen Meria e Favars (Holy Mother of Favors). The patron saint of Contessa Entellina is Madonna della Favara, celebrated from September 6 - 8th.

There is a week long celebration with music, Mass and food for the annual event of the Madonna della Favara. The celebration ends on the night of September 8th, with the street parade of the Madonna statue lifted on the shoulders of 50 strong men. Fireworks are part of the celebration. The Contessiotti carry the Madonna and stop at each piazza along the way to rest. At the end of the procession, the statue is returned to the Latin Church up hill. The 50 men run up the hill carrying the Madonna, three times and returning to the base of the hill, to symbolize the life of Christ.